McGathys Hooks LLC
The Art of Jigging
Jigging is a personality and the way our
customers pick our jigs seems to be the
same.  They are so easy to use and our 3
daughters grew up fishing with them, so they
work great for the young and old.  The process
is simple.  You tie a small snap swivel to your
line.  This allows the seasoned ice fisherman
to change colors or sizes easily throughout the
day.  The swivel is also important as the solid
stainless or brass designs will cut your line
AND your jigs will not perform correctly if they
can't move around like they were designed to.  

Pick your favorite jig from your pocket box,
snap it on the swivel, let your line down to the
desired depth and away you go.  We
recommend starting at the bottom.  For those
new to this, your line will bend which shows
your jig has hit bottom.  Next, we reel it up a
few feet (cranks).  Next, you simply snap your
wrist - and this is where it gets personal and
where experience shows.  Don't let your jig
hang there and don't go nuts - Jig and rest  -
Jig and rest - some do a tapping motion -
others snap hard .  Tease the fish by raising
up your line and letting the jig do its job by
allowing it to dart or dance back to the bottom.
 When the fish bite it will tug slightly on your jig
-lift your jig and  keep constant tension on the
line when you reel them up or windmill.  We
taught our kids to walk backwards - it ensures
they don't get a bunch of slack in the line and
the fish will just pop out of the hole.  

If you lose one - just get your jig back down
there and try again - remember - there are no
delays having to re-bait your jig - just throw it
back down!

It's truly an art and so simple.  Find your
custom jigging style, your favorite jigs and
between the pail of fish and the fun you're
having - you will be an addict like the rest of us!
Darin McGathy - Owner &
Designer of the
Slab Grabber & Thin Fins
"You can't design a premium jig that
truly works - if you don't spend the
time testing the product yourself.  I
have over 25 years into our designs
and the results...will amaze you"
We are a family owned
manufacturing business
located near Saginaw Bay in
Bay Port, Michigan.  Darin,
owner and designer of the
Slab Grabber, comes from a
long line of outdoors men and
is considered an extremist
when it comes to ice fishing.  
The business was launched
after years of popular demand
and proven results from many  
experienced ice fishermen.  
We know you will enjoy the

We leave the barbs on all our
jigs.  This allows for the little
fishermen to walk backwards
with their poles when they
catch a fish which keeps
consistent tension on the
line. Also as the old timers
have told us - "I  like to make
sure my meal  gets to the

Once you master your jigging
skills, we pinch the barbs
down on our jigs with a
needle nose pliers.  This
allows you to bring up the fish
- slightly bounce the fish on
the ice  which releases it and
get your jig back down the
hole, into the school in
seconds.  The other perk ....
you rarely have to touch the
fish which means warm
IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE- Our jigs are really razor sharp -
please use extreme caution when releasing fish or handling our jigs.

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Scroll down for
tips for the
experienced and
for a important
safety note.
All Jigs MUST be used
with a snap swivel in
order to work correctly.  

do not tie them
direct to your line or they
will just spin in a circle.
(We recommend a size 14 snap